A NY fa “un po’ freddo”: acqua per spegnere incendio ‘gela’



Fire and ice: Firefighters continue to battle a blaze that broke out at a Brooklyn, New York warehouse on Sunday. The fire broke out early Saturday morning and was especially difficult to fight in the freezing temperatures and high winds

Smoke city: The Manhattan skyline can barely been seen over the smoldering fire at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn warehouse on Sunday. The plumes of smoke could be seen from ever borough of New York on Saturday

Not your usual day on the job: The more than 200 hundred firefighters who responded to the scene on Saturday found themselves turned into lifesive ice sculptures thanks to the combination of freezing temperatures and the water needed to put out the fire

Battles: The firefighter was tackling a blaze in weather so cold that the water from the truck froze all around his overalls 


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