Profugo irrompe durante matrimonio: “Allahu Akbar” e ‘molesta’ statua Madonna


La realtà è diventata così bizzarra, da quando sono arrivati ‘loro’, che si stenta a credere a quello che si è costretti a pubblicare. I media tedeschi, ripresi dal Daily Mail, raccontano una vicenda quasi incredibile:

UK Daily Mail  – Groom Marcel Lohbeck, 35, and bride Friederike were celebrating their wedding with 90 guests in the Karmel Church in Duisburg, a city in western Germany. Lochbeck said: ‘At the beginning of the ceremony, a man with a thick jumper and a hat on came into the church and sat in the back row.

‘Shortly afterwards, he stood up and wandered around the candles. He laughed in a disturbing manner and then fondled the statue of Mary. ‘He had been speaking in Arabic and partly English. He then started destroying the flowers and kept shouting “Allahu Akbar”.’


Police officer Ludger A., 57, the uncle of the groom, reportedly tried to intervene along with the church sexton. The officer said: ‘We tried to calm the Syrian Muslim invader.’

After the man again refused to leave the church, there was a fight in which the police officer got slight injuries to his face.  Yet he managed to restrain the man until his colleagues from the Duisburg police could arrive. After a medical examination, the 23-year-old Syrian was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

In sintesi: un profugo siriano ha fatto irruzione in una chiesa durante un matrimonio, e ha iniziato a gridare il solito “Allahu Akbar”, poi si è diretto verso la statua della Madonna, tentando di ‘stuprarla’.

La fine è la solita: ospedale psichiatrico.