Islamic State militants attack Libya’s largest oil terminal

epa05087546 (FILE) A file picture dated 26 December 2014 showing smoke rising from a large fuel depot fire, al-Sidra, Libya, during fighting. Islamic State militants on 04 January 2016 launched an attack on the port of al-Sidra, Libya’s largest oil terminal, military officials said. Clashes between guards at the terminal and the jihadists led to the death of two guards and 10 of the attackers, Omar al-Hassi, spokesman for Libya’s Petroleum Guards Force, said. A military official loyal to Libya’s internationally recognized government, based in Tobruk in the far east of the country, said the air force had intervened and rebuffed the attack.
Islamic State, which is based mainly in Syria and Iraq, controls an area of Libya’s Mediterranean coast centred around the towns of Sirte and al-Nofaliyeh, west of al-Sidra. EPA/STRINGER

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