Parla il profugo: “In Italia accoglienza di lusso” – VIDEO


I ragazzi italiani sono costretti ad andare all’estero. Non riescono a mettere su famiglia. Manteniamo africani per anni in hotel che possono anche permettersi il lusso di fare due figli. E’ masochismo.

Poi qualcuno si chiede come mai Salvini ha tagliato l’accoglienza e la gente è con lui.

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  1. Lion Judah☦️@uniusrei7 • a few seconds ago
    YouTube com/user/noahNephillim/discussion lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN bloccato ===> 47 minuti fa ] [ We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by World Israel News. here is who the Muslims really are: that we have in the USA and in Europe! Imam in Bergamo: “Christian women are our prey” June 23, 2019 voxnews info / 2019/06/23 / imam-a-bergamo-christian-women-are-our-prey / Funding for the Koranic schools of Afghanistan and Pakistan came from the collections among the “faithful” organized in various European nations. For Italy this task belonged to the so-called imam of Bergamo, Hafiz Muhammad Zulkifal, who in his capacity as imam, and Quranic formator (qa-ri), of the prayer centers located between Bergamo and Brescia, provided for religious propaganda of the mold radical, aimed at indoctrinating the faithful, even destined for martyrdom (sathi). “The unfaithful women captured in jihad (holy war) are prey and therefore the mujahidin (the fighters) can do whatever they want”, preached Hafiz Muhammad Zulkifal, 43, imam and Koranic trainer between Bergamo and Brescia. The imam of Bergamo preached and practiced the supremacy of sharia over secular law. In an interception, in fact, he compared himself to the police: “I do what you do! Stop the people protesting with the use of batons and look for those people who do illegal work. We do the same thing too! You work under the laws of the State, while we work on those of God Allah! “. And after having ordered and executed the murder of a couple of compatriots, almost certainly murdered in Brescia in 2011, he had claimed “We did something holy for Allah and Allah protected us”.

  2. Lion Judah☦️@uniusrei7 •
    Bin SALMAN] the French revolution, from which comes: satanism sodomy, as well as: communism that Masonic democracy: these were invented by the Rothschilds: to submit to slavery (banking seigniorage) and destruction: all the peoples of the world.
    as the Bible says: the monarchy is the true form of government: but the Pharisees bankers Demo Pluto Giudaico Mason: they killed the real kings, and they left the false kings and traitors like you alive!
    Bin SALMAN ] la rivoluzione francese, da cui viene sia il comunismo che la democrazia massonica: queste sono state inventate dai Rothschild: per sottomettete a schiavitù (signoraggio bancario) e distruzione: tutti i popoli del mondo.
    come dice la Bibbia: è la monarchia la vera forma di governo: ma i farisei banchieri Demo Pluto Giudaico Massone: hanno ucciso i Re veri, ed hanno lasciato in vita i Re falsi e traditori come te!

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