Milano infestata da islamici, vivono anche sui tetti – VIDEO


E’ del resto usanza al Cairo dormire sui tetti, dove esistono vere e proprie case abusive:

Egypt – Cairo – The people of the roofs –
While the city explodes, the life of “the invisibles of the roofs of Cairo,” continues. Entire families live in the maze of shanties erected on the terraces of the decrepit buildings, belle époque style, designed in the 20s and 30s by French and Italian architects on the model of the great Parisian “immeubles”. Thousands have been installed here, like in reals micro villages, through word of mouth, in the 60s and 70s. They came from the Delta region, or more often from the region of Upper Egypt, they improvised porters, shoe shining, street vendors and day by day they have welcomed their fleeing families from the countryside. The middle class families, which now occupy the vast apartments of the noble floors and for which their fathers worked, regard them with intolerance. The building plans of the old government wanted to move them, but they have taken root there and maybe the revolution will change their lives.
(Photo by Antonino Savojardo/Eyevine)