Il momento dell’arresto del profugo pakistano di 23 anni. L’uomo, come scritto da Vox questa notte, è arrivato in Germania a Febbraio, con altri ‘profughi’ islamici’. (VIDEO IN FONDO ALL’ARTICOLO).

First picture: The masked 23-year-old named as Naved B, who entered the country under a false name on New Year's Eve 2015, is shown here being bundled into a police van after his arrest

Victim: A body dragged under the lorry's wheels lies covered with a gold blanket this morning at the rear of the stolen lorry

Carnage: The lorry used to kill a dozen people in Berlin last night was towed away from the scene as a 23-year-old asylum seeker was being interrogated

Trail of destruction: This is the path taken by the killer truck driver - and shows how it mounted a narrow strip of pavement around 80metres in length with the aim of killing as many people as possible. The white powder is believed to show where the bodies fell


Horrific: The smashed front of the lorry used to kill people enjoying the run-up to Christmas. A wreath from one of the stalls was longed in its destroyed windscreen

Close up: The shattered glass on the windshield of a truck the morning after it ploughed through the Christmas market

Brutal: White powder used to soak up blood left  by the dead - one witness described a 'rivers of blood' running through the market 

Aftermath: New photographs have emerged from the scene showing how the road around the lorry was strewn with bodies, including a body by the cab