A woman speaks with police and paramedics as they try to help a collapsed individual in a takeaway following a boozy night out in Newcastle. Thousands of clubbers descended on the northern city this weekend to make the most of the May Day Bank Holiday

Newcastle, tipica notte di festa inglese. I media, gli intellettuali e i politici progressisti e liberisti – sfumature della stessa feccia ideologica – vorrebbero che l’Italia prendesse esempio dalle società inglese e americana. Più ‘deregulation’: etica, morale ed economica. Più immigrazione, per somigliare a quelle società.

A woman is helped up by two men after being found slumped on the road following a boozy night out in Newcastle over Bank Holiday

A bouncer helps up a young woman who appears to have fallen over while waiting to gain entry to a nightclub in the notorious party city

One woman appears to be sick in a public bin

Two police officers help a young woman and her friends as one sprawls out on the pavement following a night out in the party capital

A man appears to phone for help after one young reveller was seen with their head in their hands and a blanket over their back in the city

One reveller appeared to be caught on camera urinating against a wall as boozing in the northern city reached a high over the Bank Holiday

One young woman is carried away by a bouncer in Newcastle, where thousands of party-goers descended over the Bank Holiday weekend

One drunken reveller kneels on the floor with their head in their hands after the night seemingly became too much for them in Newcastle


A young man helps up a woman who appears to be struggling to get back on her feet after falling over and cutting her knee in Newcastle

A young woman is consoled by friends as she sits on a step outside a nightclub in the northern city during the boozy three-day weekend

One young man had to be physically propped up by his friend as he was helped along the road after a hard night's partying in Newcastle

May Day mayhem on the streets of Newcastle as clubbers hit the Toon

Two men support each other as they attempt to make their way home from their night out

The streets were packed with clubbers until the early hours of this morning on one of the busiest nights of the year

A young man clings to his friend's arms as he tries to stay on his feet following a boozy May Day Bank Holiday night in Newcastle

Ma la malattia morale dell’Occidente ha la propria radice entropica proprio nelle società anglosassoni.

Non è progresso, è declino.

Il mondo anglosassone, multirazziale e multieculturale, è l’araldo della decadenza occidentale. E il consumismo spinto al confine dell’idolatria ne è uno degli aspetti e delle cause.