‘Bomba nucleare tattica su Donetsk’: invece disastro causato da bombardamento euroucraino di fabbrica chimica


Mobile phone footage captured the moment a huge explosion rocked the Ukrainian city of Donetsk speaking fears of a nuclear weapon attack 

The blast caused the night's sky to light up orange and was so powerful it could be heard as far away as downtown Donetsk

Pro-Russian rebels said that the huge explosion was caused by Ukrainian artillery shell hitting the chemical plant, which lies in the middle of the Ukrainian industrial heartland in Donetsk

Queste immagini con il video ripresi da un testimone e l’enorme boato dell’esplosione, sentito a molti chilometri di distanza, hanno fatto temere l’utilizzo di un ordigno nucleare tattico da parte di una delle forze in campo.

Si è trattato, invece, del bombardamento da parte del governo euro-ucraino di Kiev di una fabbrica chimica di Donetsk. Con i risultati che seguono, per quanto riguarda la distruzione di case civili nei dintorni:

Firefighters work to extinguish the blaze at the residential block. It comes as diplomats are warning that Russia could be planning to target other Baltic states


People carry bags of their possessions away from the burning building as shelling and artillery fire intensifies in Donetsk 

A woman cries out in anger after her apartment block in Donetsk is set on fire as a result of shelling. Fighting between the two sides in Ukraine has intensified in recent weeks 

An elderly woman has to be helped to her feet after discovering that the apartment block where she lives has been damaged by shelling 


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