Dudinka, la città ghiacciata in Sibieria: – 40° – FOTO


Frozen: A harsh storm cause the waterpipes to burst in this Siberian town, and with temperatures around -40C, the water froze solid in the streets

Arendelle 2.0: A truck is encased in some 4ft of ice on a street in Dudinka, Siberia, after the storm

Chilly: Dudinka is located in Krasnoyarsk Krai, a large territory in the middle of Siberia that sits close to the Arctic Ocean


Two residents survey the hard, icy surface outside a block of flats in the town

A picture taken indoors looking out shows how snow and ice is so deep it has even covered cars on the street

Bleak: Local government spokesman Eugene Gerasimov said officials had declared a state of emergency

Chilly view: Water which has flowed from broken pipes on the top floor has frozen into giant icicles