Declino dell’Occidente: Capodanno ‘alcolico’ a Londra – FOTO


Better out than in: A man gives his friend some moral support after the New Year's Eve excesses all got too much for him

A woman is helped from the pavement on Broad Street in Birmingham

The woman is helped along the path in Birmingham
Assistance: Friends look after a fallen reveller on New Year's Eve in the centre of Liverpool

Catching some sleep: This woman decided to lie in the gutter on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve revellers seeing out 2014 in Newcastle

Injured: This woman was left with a bloody nose after the bust-up in the centre of  Newcastle-upon-Tyne last night

Medics: London Ambulance Service staff treating revellers during New Year's Eve in London as ambulance services experienced a busy night

Waiting for the bus: Four women - two barefoot - take refuge in a bus shelter on New Year's Eve in Cardiff

Partygoers on Broad Street in Birmingham during New Year's Eve celebrations

Medical aid: This reveller found herself being taken away from Norwich city centre by ambulance

Helping hand: A woman is supported as she walks along Broad Street in Birmingham

Paramedics on the scene: A woman stumbles into an ambulance in Liverpool city centre last night as revellers celebrated the New Year
Litter on the streets: People walking along Victoria Embankment after the fireworks display over the London Eye, in central London

I media, gli intellettuali e i politici progressisti e liberisti – sfumature della stessa feccia ideologica – vorrebbero che l’Italia prendesse esempio dalle società inglese e americana. Più ‘deregulation’: etica, morale ed economica. Più immigrazione, per somigliare a quelle società.

Ma la malattia morale dell’Occidente parte proprio dalle società anglosassoni.

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