Iraq: islamici ‘giustiziano’ 500 ‘infedeli’, cristiani crocifissi – FOTO SHOCK


Prisoners: Members of the Sunni Shaitat tribe are rounded up and marched to their deaths in Syria by fighters from ISIS in a series of horrific images posted online by the jihadist group

Ruthless: Bent double and barefooted, with their hands are bound behind their backs with rope, the prisoners are marched to the execution site in the desert near Deir ez Zor in Syra

Crimes against humanity: The captives are then lined up and ordered to kneel down on the dusty ground

Barbaric: Around 20 ISIS fighters stand behind the line of men and the squad of jihadists begin to murder the prisoners

A couple of jihadists approach the dead prisoners and finish off any survivors from point-blank range


Sick: A jihadist appears to be smiling as he holds a terrified man by his hair and begins to slice through his neck with a hunting knife

Brutal: Other captives are shot before being tied to makeshift crucifixes

A crowd of local men watch from behind a low fence, some of them are taking photos or filming the executions with their mobile phones

Fino a 500 prigionieri cristiani e della minoranza religiosa degli Yazidi sono stati uccisi da ‘squadroni della morte’ di ISIS negli ultimi giorni.

Circa 40 bambini  sono  tra i morti, dopo essere stati cacciati dalle loro case a causa della brutale offensiva  islamica nel nord dell’Iraq.

Ora, le immagini agghiaccianti delle esecuzioni di massa sono  emerse, rilasciate dall’orgogliosa macchina di propaganda  del gruppo islamico.

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