Declino dell’occidente: gruppo di ragazze ubriache pestano senzatetto – FOTO


Attack: This is the moment a group of girls attacked a homeless man during Carnage bar crawl in Cardiff

Controversy: The Mail witnessed the women punch the man, drag him to the ground and pull his trousers down

Carnage: The girls had just left the second of two bars on a Brazilian-themed pub crawl before the attack

Police: An officer talks to a girl in a Carnage t-shirt shortly after the homeless man was attacked

Aid: Other girls were then seen pulling the group away as the homeless man was left with a bloodied nose

Revellers: Students make up 20 per cent of Cardiff's population, and thousands more came from neighbouring cities' universities to join the controversial Brazilian-themed event


This pub-crawler is pictured at the end of the night waiting for fast food with his Carnage top ripped to a string

The vibrant city is known for its nightlife fuelled by the sizeable student population

Nel centro di Cardiff, una folla  di ragazzi alticci ha festeggiato  il ‘Brazilian beach party’, un gruppo di ‘ragazze’ ubriache ha aggredito un senzatetto.

E’ da questa altezza morale e civile che la Gran Bretagna del principino Carlo dà lezioni a Putin.

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